Only Hello Batty can make me look dainty as I eat haha!
I seriously love this coord! I wish I had another fancy occasion to wear this again! Then again I’m just in love with this dress in general!
Thank you for the pictures love!

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Liz Lisa mermaid print. Aka my new favorite top.


Liz Lisa mermaid print. Aka my new favorite top.

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A coord for an upcoming swap meet! I may switch the tights to black floral lace ones. The lace on the dress is made up of little roses 

JSK ~ Alice and the Pirates

Blouse ~ Atelier Pierrot

Necklace ~ Forever 21

Bracelets and Pin ~ Vintage

Tights ~ Hue 

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Friday’s outfit for work~ Most of my gal pals got fancy as well, there were more dresses than pants in the break room!

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Wore a very simple outfits to run errands and say hi to the girls at Fairytale Boutique :3

JSK- Chess Story

Cardigan & beanie- F21

Socks & Shoes- Angelic Pretty

Accessories- Angelic Pretty, Automatic Honey,F21, Milk

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Guilty Meltin’ Sweets Town from KERA August 2014 issue

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BABY’S newest Sonnet for Juliet Gobelin JSK in Red
Also in Light Green and Beige here.

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minekonbu in Crystal Dream Carnival

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wearing JetJ’s Baiser de l’ange for my birthday dinner :)

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